Privacy Policy

Last Reviewed: 17 Mar 2022


Vinhawa takes privateness seriously – we're dedicated to maintaining your private statistics private. All private records we accumulate is stored strictly secured, and is most effective used for the functions defined on this privateness coverage.

 This privateness coverage applies to statistics accumulated thru our websites and any statistics we accumulate thru our different interactions with you (for example, in case you communicate to our patron offerings team).

 Who are 'we'?

When we communicate approximately “we” (or “our” or “us”), we suggest Vinhawa and all its completely owned subsidiaries. We are primarily based totally in US however we deliver items everywhere in the world.

What is Personal Data?

We deal with any records that might without delay or in a roundabout way become aware of you (or your own circle of relatives or your private tool through the years and throughout offerings) as “Personal Data”. This consists of statistics like your name, deal with, smartphone range and your e-mail deal with however in a few instances it is able to encompass much less manifestly figuring out statistics, like your IP Address (see below).

 What records can we accumulate?

When you go to or purchase Vinhawa merchandise online, we accumulate exceptional sorts of Personal Data approximately you and your use of our internet site. We deal with these statistics as falling into 3 categories: Customer Information, Usage Data and your IP Address.

 Customer Information is the statistics you explicitly offer to us whilst you make an internet purchase, join up to acquire our newsletters or different communications, or take part in any software or opposition which calls for you to finish a shape on our internet site. This consists of:

  •  Your name
  • Your e-mail deal with
  • Your transport and/or billing deal with
  • Your charge statistics
  • What merchandise you purchased

Usage Data is standard statistics approximately the way you engage with our internet site or different offerings, such as:

  •  which pages you visit on our internet site
  • the way you got here to the internet site (for example, with the aid of user clicking on a hyperlink in an e-newsletter or from an advertisement)
  • which buttons or hyperlinks you clicked
  • whether or not you've got been to the internet site before
  • geolocation records (that is, in which you're placed withinside the world - country/city)
  • inferences that we may also draw approximately you from the utilization records we accumulate

IP address

 Whenever you visit a website (including, the computer that websites are served (ie our web server) must know the public network address of your computer to It can send the pages you require your browser. Public address associated with your computer is called its "public IP address" and is sent automatically whenever you visit any website. From the IP address of the computer, it is often possible to determine the general geographic location of this computer, but usually not a specific computer and if multiple users are not  specific  (although if the IP address Your is unique for you and is unique. Published somewhere or if you define later use the same IP address, the IP address can identify you).

How we collect data?

 The information you provide directly to us: When shopping with us online, we will ask you to provide personal data (such as your name and address) so we can complete into your order. We may also ask you to provide personal data when you subscribe to a newsletter, reply an application or incentive, join us on social media, participate in surveys or contact Contact us for help. If you don't want to provide personal data, you don't need to, but it can limit your capabilities to perform certain things on the site.

 Information We automatically collect: When you visit or shop with us online, we automatically collect  information about you, including data used.

 Some of this information is collected with cookies or other similar tracking technologies that have been placed  or by third parties. For more details on how cookies work,  we use and how you can control them, please refer to our cookie policy.

 How we store data?

 We store backups of certain data, including order details (will include customer information) on our servers in Australia. We use the appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect  personal data that we collect and handle. The measures we use are designed to provide the security level adjusted according to the risk of handling your personal data, including 256-bit encryption technology of SSL safety sockets to Protect your personal data when you buy from our online store. Vinhawa is also consistent with USA principles for the  use and storage of appropriate personal data.

 How do we use data?

 Where we collect their personal data, we will only handle it:

 To fill out orders you put or where we have legitimate benefits to deal with personal data and our benefits are not replaced with your rights or

 Consistent with  legal obligations, or where we have your obvious consent.  The main reason we use your personal data is to complete the order and  manage our relationships with you (for example: handling questions about products, returns and asking for onion).

 We also use personal data for other purposes, including:

- To communicate with you: This may include providing you the information you have requested or we need to provide For you, regarding changes made to our website. Or our policy, marketing contact according to your preferences or invites you to provide comments or participate in research we do.

- To assist you: This may include handling all your questions  about our products, deal with warranty requests or goods related issues or services ours.

- To improve our website: We use data used to help us understand customer's online behavior, helping us  focus our marketing activities and improve  services we provide. The use of website analysis on our website allows us to measure, collect, analyze and account to use data to understand and optimize customers' experience on our website . We strive to ensure that all data used is pseudony (ie, we cannot find data used for a specific recognition in another way or completely easily or easily significantly ) Unless we have your consent.

 Geographic location information contained in use data also allows you to customize your experience on our website by displaying different content based on your location, such as the supply Content in your favorite language (as much as possible), display local money and prices and express appropriate ads. Again, geographic information is Pseudonymous unless we have your consent, which you have given when you click on the  banner "Agree cookies" or continue using the site.

- To protect yourself (and America): We use your customer information and  IP addresses to detect and prevent fraudulent activity when you want to buy us.

For sale to you: We use data used for remarketing (sometimes called targets) to better target our ads with interested customers. After visiting our website, you (or another user on your computer) may see Vinhawa ads on certain participating third-party websites, such as  the Google Display Network. Google and Facebook. This will only happen if you consent to our use of cookies by clicking on the "accept cookies" banner or by continuing to use the website. 

 For analysis, aggregation and reporting: We may use the personal data we collect about you and other users of our website to generate aggregated reports and analyzes and pseudonyms that we may share with third parties.

How can we  share your personal data (and how we don't have) 
 There will be times when we need to share your personal data with a third party. We will only disclose your personal data to: 

 Fill in your orders (FedEx, DHL and third parties in our supply chain) 
 Send your newsletter or other updates you have registered to receive
 Submit your information about your purchase 
 Pay commissions for branches where you go to our website that they share with you 
 Targeted ads (eg google, facebook and klaviyo) 
 Protect yourself and fight fraud (eg Maxmind) 
 In the past 12 months, we have disclosed personal information for third parties for the following purposes (note that  all  these people will apply to all): 
 Operating orders and collecting money payment 
 Improve our advertising analysis 
 Detecting safety violations or capable of hazardous fraud or activities 
 Join affiliate programs 
 Target ads 
 Submit special offers (usually or  specific consumers) 
 Get information on how visitors use our website 
 Collect and collect financial and accounting data 
 Provide customer support 
 It may also  be  when we have legal obligations to disclose personal data, such as management agencies, legal enforcement organizations, government agencies, courts or other third parties that we are thinking that it is necessary to comply with current laws and regulations, or implement our legal right. 
 We only share your customer information with third parties, needed to allow online transactions (such as Paypal) or where you agreed to receive direct marketing documents (like Klaviyo). 
 Your personal data is never disclosed to third parties for marketing or reporting purposes of third parties and especially: Vinhawa never sells  email  or customer information .

International data transfer 

When we collect, handle and share data according to this privacy policy, it can be transferred to other countries in addition to where you live. Our data hosting  servers are mainly located in the United States and many  third parties that we share data are also located in the United States.  When we  transfer data, we will ensure that there are on-site guarantees to protect your personal data.  

 We retain your personal data depending on  what we need  (for example, keep a trace of your guarantee) and if we have legal obligations to keep it (for example , for taxes). When we no longer need to keep it, we will ensure that your personal data is deleted or tampered with. 

Your rights 
Your personal data belongs to you and you have the right to: 

  •  know what personal data we hold about you 
  • ensure that all personal data is correct and up to date 
  • ask us to correct  personal data 
  • object to our continued processing of your personal data 

If you no longer wish to receive  online communications, please let us know by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of any marketing communications we send you. 
You can tell us if you no longer want us to process your personal data, but be aware that doing so may mean that we are unable to provide you with our services. again.

Changes to this Policy

We may revise this privacy policy from time to time as we add new features or as laws change. When we make changes to our privacy policy, they are reflected on this page and the revision date will be noted at the top. Any revised privacy policy will apply to personal data, Customer Information and Usage Data we already have about you at the time of the change, and any such information created or received after the change takes effect.